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What is the use of a cap sewing machine?

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What is the use of a cap sewing machine?

A cap sewing machine is a machine that uses one or more sewing threads to form one or more stitches on the sewing material so that one or more layers of sewing material are interwoven or stitched together.

The cap sewing machine can sew cotton, linen, and other fabric products, with neat and beautiful stitches, flat and firm stitches, fast sewing speed, and easy use. And use it to derive art forms such as hand embroidery and computer embroidery.

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How can cap sewing machines be classified?

What are the functions of the different parts of the cap sewing machine?

How can cap sewing machines be classified?

According to the purpose of the cap sewing machine, it can be divided into the household sewing machine, industrial sewing machine, and service industry sewing machine located between the two; according to the driving mode, it can be divided into hand crank, pedal, and electric sewing machine; according to the stitches sewn Sewing machines are divided into imitation hand stitches, lock stitches, single-thread chain stitches, double-thread or multi-thread chain stitches, single-thread or multi-thread edge chain stitches and multi-thread covering chain stitch sewing machines.

(1) Household cap sewing machine.

In the early days, they were single-needle, hand-operated sewing machines. Later, electric-driven sewing machines were invented, which have become the mainstream in the market. Divided according to its mechanism and stitch form, it can be roughly classified into JA type, JB type, JG type, JH type. A kind of household cap sewing machine-JG household electronic multifunctional sewing machine.

(2) Industrial cap sewing machine.

Most of the industrial cap sewing machines are general-purpose sewing machines, and the use rate of lockstitch sewing machines is the highest.

What are the functions of the different parts of the cap sewing machine?

The base of the cap sewing machine is divided into two types: table and case. The table of the table type machine base plays the role of supporting the machine head and is used as a work table during sewing operations. The case of the case type machine base plays the role of supporting and storing the machine head, making the sewing machine easy to carry and store.

The driving part of the cap sewing machine is composed of a frame, a hand crank, or a motor. The frame is the pillar of the machine, supporting the platform and pedals. When in use, the operator steps on the foot pedal, the crank drives the rotation of the pulley, and the belt drives the head to rotate. Most hand cranks or motors are directly mounted on the machine head.

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