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Upper Vamp Shoe Sewing Machine

Product usage:
Suitable for all kinds of footwear processing/ribbon applications.
  • JYL-1510XD
  • JYL
  • JYL-1510XD

Shoes Sewing Machine

Technical features:

(1) compared with traditional sewing, with beautiful lines, no skilled operators, low labor costs.With automatic       feeding, automatic edge folding, automatic sewing, mainly used for all kinds of footwear processing, sewing a     ribbon only 4 seconds.

(2) high efficiency, beautiful line traces, is the preferred type of shoe ribbon.

(3) cutting, sewing can be completed at one time.

Product usage:

Suitable for all kinds of footwear processing/ribbon applications. 

Product parameters:

Sewing Trace single stitch flat stitch
Cloth feeding mode intermittent cloth feeding mode (pulse motor drive mode)
Sewing area 220x100mm
Maximum sewing speed 2700rpm
Intermittent pressure foot rise 17mm
Hook shuttle hook
Lifting foot mode pulse motor drive mode
Motor  AC servo motor 750W direct drive type
Power Single-phase 200~240V
Machine size 1150x1150x1360mm

Upper Vamp Shoe Sewing MachineUpper Vamp Shoe Sewing MachineUpper Vamp Shoe Sewing Machine

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