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Something about the cap sewing machine.

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Something about the cap sewing machine.

The cap sewing machine is currently very intelligent and can make clothes through an electronic screen. The sewing machine can cut off the excess cloth during the sewing process, and the cloth edge is treated as a finished product. Very beautiful, in addition, the stitching can be carried out according to the sewing state, which is suitable for knitted fabrics. If you are interested in a cap sewing machine, you can continue reading.

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What are the advantages of a cap sewing machine?

How does the cap sewing machine work?

What to do if there is a problem with the use of cap sewing machines?

What are the advantages of a cap sewing machine?

First of all, the speed of the cap sewing machine is faster than that of previous sewing machines. People using modern sewing machines can greatly improve production efficiency and save manpower.

Secondly, the handmade products made by cap sewing machines are more exquisite. Viewed from the cross-section of the stitches, the two stitches are like two locks locked to each other. This stitch is used for sewing materials such as cotton, woolen fabric, or leather with a small shrinkage rate. The front and back sides have the same shape, like a dotted line. The stitches are densely distributed, and the fastness of sewing is generally higher than that of manual sewing.

How does the cap sewing machine work?

The most important components of a cap sewing machine are the hook and bobbin assembly. The spool is a coil of thread placed under the fabric. It is located in the center of the shuttle, which rotates under the drive of a motor, synchronized with the movement of the needle.

As with chain stitching, the needle pulls out a loop through the fabric, and it rises again while the feed dog moves the fabric forward, and then nests another loop. However, this stitching mechanism does not connect the different loops but connects them to another piece of wire that is loosened from the spool.

When the needle wraps the thread into the loop, the rotating shuttle uses the crochet needle to grasp the loop. As the shuttle rotates, it draws a loop around the thread from the spool. This makes the stitch very strong. This kind of rotary shuttle also evolved from the straight shuttle. The loop stitching principle of the cap sewing machine has evolved from a straight shuttle to a rotary shuttle, and it has entered a mature period.

What to do if there is a problem with the use of cap sewing machines?

The cap sewing machine often has an irregular movement of the cap fabric during use.

In the process of using a cap sewing machine to sew clothes, sometimes the movement speed of the hat fabric is uneven and the stitch length is short and irregular. The cloth is moved forward by the cooperation of the feed dog and the presser foot. Therefore, when the above-mentioned irregular movement of the hat cloth occurs, it can be concluded that the teeth and presser foot are malfunctioning or the pressure is improperly adjusted. For example, the presser foot pressure is too small.

If the fabric is not pressed tightly, it will cause irregular movement. At this time, just turn the pressure regulating screw down to compress the fabric. The presser foot of the cap sewing machine is too high to press the cap fabric, and it will cause the fabric to move arbitrarily or not at all. When adjusting, first raise the presser foot wrench, loosen the guide frame screw, and then move the presser foot bar from top to bottom. Move and adjust the distance between the presser foot and the needle plate to a height of 7-8 mm, then tighten the screw immediately before driving.

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