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Some knowledge of cap sewing machine.

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Some knowledge of cap sewing machine.

General sewing machines are composed of four parts: machine head, machine base, transmission, and accessories. The head is the main part of the sewing machine. Through the reasonable coordination of each part, the sewing material is sewn together. The accessories of the sewing machine include needles, bobbins, screwdrivers, oil cans, etc. If you are interested in a cap sewing machine, you can continue reading.

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What are the advantages of a cap sewing machine?

Solutions to problems in the use of cap sewing machines.

What are the advantages of a cap sewing machine?

(1) Cap sewing machine has high stability.

Due to the electronic liquid crystal system, the cap sewing machine has better sewing stability after reaching the maximum speed, especially the sealability, including good stitches, softness, and stability.

(2) The single-machine performance of cap sewing machines has been expanded.

One cap sewing machine can complete the work that several mechanical sewing machines can do. For example, industrial zigzag sewing machines, generally a mechanical zigzag sewing machine can only sew one pattern, while a cap sewing machine can sew 20 or more patterns. In addition, because the cap sewing machine increases the adjustment range of the feed dog, it can sew more different types of fabrics. And adjust the most suitable differential amount according to various fabrics. When performing front and rear feeding, even if the stitch length is changed, the differential ratio will not change, and there is no need to adjust.

(3) Clean and environmentally friendly performance

Usually, in the development process of mechatronics sewing machines, designers have emphasized the cleanness of the machine and non-staining sewing. Through the design of the sewing machine head, no oil is used around the needle bar, thread take-up lever, and rotary hook to achieve cleanliness.

Solutions to problems in the use of cap sewing machines.

(1) The fabric does not advance

The movement of the fabric depends on the teeth of the cap sewing machine. When the clothes don't move at all, the only way is to find faults in the teeth of the sewing machine. The tooth position is too low for the cloth to advance. When adjusting the cloth position, you should first pull up the machine head, loosen the screw of the lifting crank, and then use a screwdriver to gently lift the bracket so that the feeding tooth surface faces upward. As long as it is adjusted to the standard size of the tooth height, the hat fabric can move normally. Finally, you need to tighten the screws and pull the machine head upwards.

(2) Clothes move back and forth

When sewing hat fabric, the fabric often moves back and forth, that is, one step forward and one step back. This is caused by too high feed teeth. The teeth are always exposed outside the needle plate and move back and forth to make the cloth move back and forth. When adjusting, loosen the crank screw, use a screwdriver to gently press the teeth down to lower the feed teeth of the cap sewing machine to the standard height, and finally tighten the crank screw.

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