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Pattern Sewing Machine For Leather

Computerized Sewing Machine for Leather Shoes/Handbags and Belts
  • JYL-G1510
  • JYL
  • JYL-G1510

Pattern Sewing Machine

Product usage:

Suitable for men's/women's/denim/knitted fabric/underwear/luggage/shoes and other applications.

Technical features:

(1) the use of linear feeding, accurate and fast.

(2) rectangular cycle principle, additional material fixture cache function.

(3) unique appearance design, mechanical body structure, direct drive motor, start/seam/stop smoothly and quickly.

(4) electromagnetic wire clipper, can set the wire tension.

(5) in addition to the built-in two, three times the traditional clamping device, to meet the thick material and seam requirements.

(6) broken line detection function.


Product parameters:

Maximum sewing speed: 2800rpm

The maximum sewing area is 150*100mm

Intermittent cloth feeding mode (driven by pulse stepping motor)

Stitch length 0.05-12.7mm

Maximum number of stitches 30,000/1 pattern

The built-in memory can store 500000 pins

Medium pressure foot drive mode S- pulse stepping motor drive, large pressure beriberi move

Pressure foot height 25-30mm

Large presser foot form integral presser foot;Separate type presser foot

The maximum height of the big pressure foot is 30mm

The media have sounding devices

Intermittent pressure rise of 22mm

Intermittent press stroke 0 or 2-10mm

Ac servo motor 750W direct drive mode

Air pressure 0.5 Mpa to 1.8 L/min

Weight: about 130kg (whole machine) wooden case packing: about 180kg

Single-phase power supply 110~120V 200~240V

Length X width X height 1200x810x1250mm

Computerized Sewing Machine for Leather Shoes/Handbags and Belts Computerized Sewing Machine for Leather Shoes/Handbags and Belts

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