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How does the cap sewing machine work?

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How does the cap sewing machine work?

Just like a car, the basic principles of most cap sewing machines are the same. The core of the car is the internal combustion engine, and the core of the cap sewing machine is the coil stitching system. If you feel about how the cap sewing machine works Interested, you can continue reading.

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  • What is the sewing principle of a cap sewing machine?

  • Is the cap sewing machine convenient to use?

What is the sewing principle of a cap sewing machine?

The stitching method of stitches is very different from ordinary manual stitching. In the simplest hand sewing, the sewing machine ties a thread in the small eye of the needle tail, then passes the needle and thread completely through the two pieces of fabric, from side to side, and then returns to the original position. In this way, the needle pushes the thread in and out of the fabric, stitching them together.

Although stitching by hand is relatively simple, stitching with a cap sewing machine is not as easy as imagined. The sewing machine needs to loosen the needle on one side of the fabric and then immediately grab it again on the other side of the fabric. Then, the sewing machine needs to pull out the extra thread in the fabric, reverse the direction of the needle, and then repeat all the steps in the opposite direction. Although these steps do not seem complicated, they are still difficult to operate for ordinary machines. Even manual operations are only easy to use when shorter threads are used.

On the contrary, the cap sewing machine only needs to pass the needle part through the fabric. On the needle, the eye of the needle is just behind the needle tip, not the end of the needle. The needle is fixed on the needle bar, and the motor drives the needle bar to move up and down through a series of gears and cams. When the needle tip passes through the fabric, it pulls out a small loop on one side and the other. The device under the fabric will grab this loop and wrap it on another thread or another loop on the same thread.

Is the cap sewing machine convenient to use?

A cap sewing machine is a machine that uses one or more sewing threads to form one or more stitches on the sewing material so that one or more layers of sewing material are interwoven or stitched together. The cap sewing machine can not only sew hats but also can be used for reinforcement sewing of clothing, handbags, backpacks, jeans, etc., with a wide range of applications. The stitches sewn by the cap sewing machine are neat and beautiful, flat and firm, with fast swing speed, and easy to use. According to the requirements of the sewing process, you can sew high-quality clothes that are the same as the image in your mind.

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