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Automatic CNC Punching Machine

Computerized Industrial Automatic CNC Punching Machine JYL-A5-1
  • JYL-A5-1
  • JYL
  • JYL-A5-1

Industrial Punching Machine

Technical features:

(1) mechanical punching, leather does not turn black and smell bad .

(2) strong instantaneous impact, the maximum speed can reach 1100 holes/minute.

(3) AutoCAD/CorelDraw drawing, no need to open a new mold.

(4) flexible change the board, free to set accessories time, efficiency doubled.

(5) multi-functional punching machine using "jinyuelai" special multi-axis CNC system, can be installed at the same time five specifications of punching needle.

(6) The first one, the third one, the fifth punch can use common computer-aided software AUTOCAD,CORELDRAW and can change the Angle of the punch, any rotation out of 360 degrees pattern.

(7)spindle servo motor and drive system, reliable performance.

 the efficiency is higher.

We can also design machines and operating systems to the size you want.

Industrial Punching Machine

Computerized Industrial CNC Punching Machine

Computerized Industrial CNC Punching Machine

Computerized Industrial CNC Punching Machine

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